Corps professoral

Roles and Responsibilities

Understanding – Acting with equity – Collaborating

A student with a disability must commit to their project since they assume a leadership role in the search for solutions to address the challenges that lie before them. In collaboration with the student, the community as well as stakeholders have the responsibility to promote access to success by breaking or eliminating the barriers that are present in the student’s environment.

Faculties and their Departments

The faculties and departments of the university work together with advisors, and with the teaching staff, to facilitate the interventions with students with disabilities.

  • Provide procedures for the application of accommodation measures in collaboration with the advisor;
  • Determine the procedures to assist the teaching staff in their approaches (managing exams taken with accommodation measures, implementation of accommodation measures in class, in a lab, during an internship);
  • Appoint a contact person with the responsibility of the accommodation measures during exams.

Teaching Staff

For the student with a disability, the teaching staff is an acting contributor to their level of achievement.

  • Inquires about the procedures and their responsibility concerning the implementation of the accommodation measures;
  • Takes into account the accessibility of the documentation and of student evaluations when designing their course;
  • Welcomes the student, reviews the recommended accommodation measures and if needed engages in a dialogue with the student while ensuring confidentiality and privacy;
  • Ensures that accommodation measures applicable in the context of the course or internship are implemented and, if needed, collaborates to the development of alternatives;
  • Reaches out to the people identified in the course of action if they need logistic support or assistance with the implementation of an accommodation measure;
  • Includes a note in the course outline inviting students with disabilities to disclose the nature of their disability and use support services.

The Advisor to Students with Disabilities

The advisor to students with disabilities provides support and guides the student in their actions.

  • Meets with the student for an assessment of their needs and puts together an intervention strategy in consultation with the student;
  • If necessary, issues a document certifying the accommodation measures and services;
  • Informs the student of the procedures to follow when organizing measures for passing an examination or for any other activity for which the student must take action;
  • Ensures the availability of the material in accessible format (e.g. braille, e-text, video verbatim);
  • Sees to the hiring of a resource person to provide the needed support to offset a student’s disability (e.g.: note taker, interpreter, etc.);
  • Gives advice to faculties and the teaching staff;
  • Raises awareness within the university community;
  • Represents the University in the community at large.

The Student with a Disability

The student plays a leading role in actively seeking solutions to reduce barriers to his academic and life learning experiences.

  • Makes an appointment with an advisor to students with disabilities for the assessment of their needs;
  • Provides relevant professional assessments and cooperates in the evaluation of their needs;
  • Commits to pursue the objectives of the intervention plan that was developed with their advisor and to collaborate to its review in the course of their studies;
  • If applicable, receives a document attesting their recommended accommodation measures and services relevant to their intervention plan;
  • If necessary, meets with their professors during the first few weeks of class;
  • If necessary, presents to their professors the documents that describe their recommended accommodation measures and services. Clearly states their needs to help maintain a climate conducive to collaboration;
  • Takes note of the academic regulations of the university they are attending and of the particularities of their study programme;
  • Follows-up with their advisor to students with disabilities when some difficulties remain unsolved.