Are you in the job market?

In the job market, it is important that you disclose your disability. Here are a few tips to do so easily.

  • When preparing your application (cover letter and CV) avoid mentioning your disability. Instead, focus on your academic results, your accomplishments, your skills and your experiences to draw the interest of employers and prompt a meeting.
  • When you obtain an interview and you know you will require accommodation measures, mention that you have a disability.
  • During the interview, be positive and talk about how your disability has contributed to your advancement. Reassure the interviewer on your performance or productivity at work for the job sought by talking about your accomplishments and other work experiences.
  • For tests that are part of a selection process, which are quite common in the public service, accommodation measures designed to remove any barriers to accessibility are available upon request. The same applies for tests conducted by most professional associations.

Reference (in French only): Dévoiler votre situation de handicap : pour ou contre – Guide à l’intention des étudiants © Centre d’aide aux étudiants, Université Laval, avril 2017. It is a guide for students on the subject of disclosing the nature of one’s disability. It was published by the Student Support Centre at Laval University in April 2017.